Splitting Hairs: Wilson’s on Washington


It’s really hard to think about what to write when composing a review on a salon. What can I say that is going to sway people from going to Super Cuts to spending a little more on angling their bangs or softening up those lamb chop sideburns? Some people care about their hair. Some people don’t. Like at this moment….I have chocolate frosting staining my blonde locks and I’m probably going to leave it there til my next shower. That’s not because I don’t care how my hair appears. It’s just because I’m too lazy to do anything about it, especially when I am not planning on making any dazzling appearances.

However, I must make the personal admission that one of the qualities that I wholeheartedly like about myself is my hair. I can find fault with just about everything about me…..my skin, my thighs, my nose, but my hair is one aspect I wouldn’t change. You know how girls are. It’s very literally my crown and glory and I don’t want just anyone messing with it or even worse, messing it up. I remember quite vividly when I decided to cut my hair short after I had grown it out the longest it had ever been.

Lobs (long bobs) were all the rage and I thought I might as well give it a go. The woman at the salon, which shall remain nameless, did a dry cut and went straight across with the scissors. No shampooing of the hair. No adding layers. Just a straight, blunt cut. I felt like a little page boy. I also had a Band-Aid on my chin at this point in time so that didn’t do me any favors either. Omitting a picture to spare myself the embarrassment.


I had to get it recut a week later because I despised it so much….Needless to say, I got recommendations before I stepped foot in the next salon. It is extremely important to me that they do a bang up job {pun} and that I come out looking like an Herbal Essences hair goddess.

Moral of the story here. I only get my hair styled by people that I trust. And Wilson’s on Washington, “WoW”, gives a good trim, plain and simple. No gimmicks. No fuss. They are professional and trendy at the same time and cater to both men and women of all ages. I see college girls in there as well as fathers. I went there a week back and came out looking like this.


Would you be my friend if….No. That’s a joke. I didn’t get any hipster bangs but I did get some side swept ones. I was inspired by an Emma Stone cut, the cute red head actress in “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” and “The Help,” and asked my stylist, KB, to give me a little trimmy trim and to spruce it up just a tad. I always tell them to do what they think looks best.

emma stone

After a nice, relaxing warm shampoo, a cut, and a blow-out, I came out of the salon, hair a flowin’ in the wind. Like my new layers?


Ignore the stupid face. It was a hard task maintaining good composure while taking selfies out on your balcony with  your neighbors watching. If they didn’t think I was a hooligan before, (I had my Christmas decorations up until February until the leasing office told me to take them down), then I am sure they do now. I didn’t think it necessary to explain to all of them that this was for my highly important, highly-clouted (I wish) blog post about where to get your hair and your nails did. Oh, by the way, Wilson’s is a full service salon so they also offer nail appointments, waxing, color treatments, and even provide make-up artistry. This is their little booth below where you can get your face painted after your hair is complete. I have never done it but I wouldn’t be opposed to some winged eye liner and a pink pout…. My mom once told me I was too much of a girly girl. Am I too much of a girly girl??


If you are looking for a place to get all gussied up or to get a quick and painless trim, I recommend walking into Wilson’s on Washington. Your hair will thank you.



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