Little Known Obscurities #5


1. I’ve been asked before if I’m albino………uhhhh. I can’t help I’m a fair-skinned blonde with Scandinavian ancestral ties.

2.  You know how there are crazy cat ladies? Well I’m a crazy dog lady. I watch YouTube videos of them for hours. Soldier reunited with dog and baby meets dog are my favorite genres. I also have a dog blanket, dog t-shirt, dog necklace, dog mug, dog calendar, dog picture frame, dog statue, dog stuffed animal, dog tote bag, dog book, pair of dog slippers, dog poster, dog hat, dog cardigan…..

3. I will be running my first full marathon in November. I’m hoping to make it to mile 20 before passing out.

4. I’m probably the only person in the world who picks the chocolate chips out of her chocolate chip cookies.

5. I have six piercings in one ear, two in the other, and one in my nose, much to the chagrin of my loving parents.

*** The nose ring was removed as this post went to print.


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