Little Known Obscurities #6


1. I use kids toothpaste. Currently wacky watermelon. I’m also adamant about brushing and flossing. There’s nothing worse than a popcorn kernel between the teeth.

2. I have restless leg syndrome. An odd disorder that is hard to define. I occasionally have to get up in the middle of the night to do a little jig.  Makes the tingle subside.

3. I prefer vanilla over chocolate. And in keeping with the sweets theme, when people ask me to describe my personality I say it’s  “funfetti,” filled with lots of tiny bright surprises.

4. I’ve had my heart broken once. And I promise myself it will never happen again. (I felt it necessary to include one sobering thought.)

5. Parallel parking happens to be my most distrusted enemy. I’d up and pay 5 dollars for a parking garage before I even attempt to parallel park. The one misfortune of living downtown.


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