Ball Park Revelry: The Greenville Drive


Think back to those days when you were young and school let out for summer break. Those final days when yearbook signing took up class time and Have A Good Summer (H.A.G.S) was scrawled sideways on blank pages. When flips flops became a necessity and neon nail polish dazzled in the afternoon sun. When beach trip plans to the coast with the crew pushed everything else to the side. It seemed like summer was endless, a vast expanse of time that opened its welcome arms for kids to rush into.

I’m no longer a kid. And although the giddiness of summer break has since been replaced by working year round and having responsibility, I still feel its residual tingle. What’s the salve that soothes that tingle? What makes an adult’s mind harken back to the days of summer break? Baseball. Simple, perfect, American baseball. And maybe some beer.



My little Lauren

Living in Greenville, there is nothing finer in the summer than going to watch a Greenville Drive game at Fluor Field. A minor league team, and Class A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, the Drive is, in my opinion, a mediocre squad. But let’s face it. The one time I’ve been to a Braves game, I was more excited about getting a foam finger and some dip ‘n dots than seeing how many runs were batted in. That’s not to say I’m not into a competitive game. When my Gamecocks played in the World Series, my eyes never left the tv. Scott Wingo had my full attention. (Wink wink.) It also may have something to do with the fact that my dad used to be the doctor for the USC baseball and football team. (Side note: My dad has a fake front tooth after getting it knocked out with a pitch when he was younger.)


What is so appealing about the Drive games though is the atmosphere, really and truly. It’s just an all around good time, regardless of if the Drive is hammering it home or getting annihilated on their own turf. I’m people watching or socializing a majority of the time anyway. Families bring little children, those same precious little children that get up and do Gangnam Style between innings, boyfriends bring their girlfriends, and friends bring more friends. And Thursday nights happen to be the best, because not only are they the first game in the series but they are also dollar beer night which always brings in a substantial crowd. Especially those in their twenties. Like my three pretty friends below, Kathleen, Amy, and Hunter.


Fluor Field is also conveniently situated in the West End, walking distance from just about any restaurant or bar in the downtown area. Which makes the festivities last even longer. After the last pitch is thrown and the fireworks display waves it farewell and the  beer vendor has stopped serving, people usually linger about or head directly to Main Street. It’s a perfect combination of sport and socialization. A must try if you are a Greenville resident or a Greenville visitor.


Take me out to the ball game!!!!!!!!