Bubbly Blow Dry Bar: Let Your Hair Down


For all those that aren’t familiarly acquainted, or who haven’t spent more than a few hours with me, you must know that I am an extreme girly girl and a helpless sucker for novelty. Take a turn with me through the grocery store and I’ll pick up anything with a flashy label or anything that has “NEW” written in bold, whether or not it looks edible.

I am one of those people that is attracted to anything sparkly, bright, and avant-garde. I’m a baby fascinated by a set of keys. Those apples that were supposed to be infused to taste like bubble gum, I bought ’em. The Reebok leggings that were heralded to tone and lift as you wore them, I bought ’em. So it should come as no surprise that as soon as the new blow dry bar opened, where they wash and style your hair without a cut, I had to experience it.


There’s Becca in the window!!

It’s not a place I would necessarily go on a whim, because you’re getting your hair styled and I don’t have the money to shell out to do that if I don’t have an occasion or an event. But seeing that it was my lovely friend Becca’s 21st birthday and that I scooped up a living social deal for Bubbly, I was more than willing to accompany her for this visit and to soak up some mid-week pampering. Having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp is probably one of the most blissful experiences known to (wo)man-kind.


After entering and being greeted by my stylist and sitting down at the table to enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne (Becca’s first legal drink!!) we flipped through a selection of hair styles to choose from on the iPads in front of us. The iPads added an air of sophistication, not that this little venue needed any with their relaxing white, grey, and orange hues and their awesome bubble-inspired light fixtures.




I went for the “Tattinger,” lots of soft, loose curls while Becca opted for the “Chandon,” which was beachy hair with lots of carefree waves. Our hair ended up looking pretty similar, but it was more about the venture as a whole, and less about the results. I’d rather DIY my hair anyway because I’m particular about my locks.

The Bubbly Dry Bar is a spin off from the original “Dry Bar” which I’ve only heard of being in big cities. Some of my friends have done it for a girls night out in New York City so I was familiar with the concept but have never done it myself. The process went as follows: choose your style, get your hair washed and conditioned, get your hair blown out while sipping (or gulping) down some champagne, have the stylist add the waves or the curls, and then come out looking like a diva.


They had the movie, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” playing on a big screen so it was a nice perk watching some Ryan Gosling while being beautified. I always feel really uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror as the stylist is working her magic, because I either look like a wet dog or I awkwardly make eye contact with the hair dresser, so having the TV was a pleasant diversion.


Did I enjoy this experience? Wholeheartedly. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Did I think my hair came out looking phenomenal? Ehhhhh, it needed a little tweaking here and there but that’s personal preference. I sincerely hope they stay in business though because I would love to come in again and have them try an up-do.  You know, for those moments I’m feeling particularly chichi. I’m not sure how many of the Greenville ladies would frequent a dry bar but it would be loads of fun for a bridal shower or a girls night out. More fun in groups for sure because then you can giggle and ooh and aahhh at each other.

It is located next to The Cazbah, which just happens to be my favorite Tapas restaurant in Greenville, on McBee right off of Main. It’s a little hidden since it is off of Main but a must try for anyone who’s bold and wants to try something lavish. It is an indulgence but one that may take you from a plain jane to fancy nancy and have you walking with your head held a little bit higher. A result of the poof and your teased crown or just better self-esteem? You tell me.