Eat Mobile: Greenville’s First Food Truck.


Foodies delight! Foodies rejoice! Greenville’s first ever food truck, Neue Southern, is here to stay. I feel so swanky saying I dined at a food truck. So Central Park in the summer. So big city. So big city in a little city. I am beyond delighted to share my stellar experience with my readers and to do this illustrious curry-colored van proud.

Let’s get it right. It’s pronounced “Noy-ah” Southern. A little twist on the normal verbalization but all the better because it makes this truck sincerely unique and remarkable.

Opening in the fall of 2012 and currently stationing itself in the Community Tap parking lot off of Wade Hampton Boulevard, this food truck was concocted by two inspiring chefs, Lauren and Graham. Two inspiring chefs who left the bustling streets of New York City to plant themselves in somewhere much more comforting, Greenville. Nice choice.

Specializing in merging European cuisine with traditional Southern favorites, this portable set of wheels proffered many options that were savory and tantalizing for my vegetarian taste buds. With a logo that features what appears to be a wild boar, I was concerned about what type of grub I would be able to consume. I was contentedly surprised to see that the menu included food that was palatable for carnivores and herbivores alike.

It showcased a variety of adventurous choices, and being a self-proclaimed gourmet, I was willing to try any. Growing up on polenta, truffle butter, and gazpacho has taught me to be dauntless when it comes to food selection. (Thanks Momma!)


And this seriously took the cake (mmmmm…..cake). I went for the Beetroot Curry and Sunchokes (explanations will ensue), both of which coincidentally  happened to be vegan, although I don’t have the discipline to be one myself. My gal pal, Hayley, elected for the Lamb Pita and Okra. We wanted to order the Chinese Donuts to close our stomachs but you know, we didn’t want to be absolutely gluttonous on our first mobile food experience. We didn’t want to be those girls.


Seeing as it was mighty chilly, we took our cardboarded (did I just make up my own word?) treats home with us. The only encumbrance keeping us from eating our food right then and there was lack of silverware. The food smelled so glorious and so aromatic that we contemplated going full on savage and eating with our fingers. We ultimately decided that eating at a table as a civilized twosome would make for a happier, more hygenic result.

I proclaim, with no hesitancy at all, that the fried, pickled, fresh okra was by far the best item that we ordered. I could eat it over and over again. Hayley pointed out that what made it so delectable was that not only was the okra fried, it was fried and pickled. A winning combination that just about made me fall out of my chair. And the house-made buttermilk was a good compliment to the okra. The cooling ranch with the zesty okra provided a great contrast.


It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing side you’ve ever eaten but boy, does the taste make up for it.



The sunchokes, which I would describe as a fusion of the consistency of a potato with the taste of an artichoke, were also quite appetizing. I posited that they would be some combination of artichoke and sun-dried tomato but no sun-dried tomatoes to be found. Seemed like a plausible assumption though right? Just using some deductive reasoning.

The Beetroot Curry was pretty spicy but the basmati rice had the same effect that the ranch did for the okra. The adverse flavors made for a bite that was pleasing to the tongue.

Thank you, Neue Southern, for enliving this city and providing it with some posh Metropolitan flair.