Rick Erwin’s Deli: To Die For


I’m a lucky girl. Lucky and blessed in many ways, I get the opportunity to take a mother-daughter trip in early October to Quebec for a week. Being the youngest of three, and being the only girl definitely has its bonuses. A week with my lovely mom shopping, touring, and strolling through the streets of Quebec in the dawning stages of fall is a dream come true.

In a family dominated by men, it’s pretty appropriate that I get to spend quality time with my mom, and in a place as picturesque as Quebec, I am going to steep myself in its culture and scenery like a bag of green tea. Marinate in its beauty like some summer barbeque.

Quebec is pretty much a smaller, more accessible version of Paris and I am so eager to break out my infinity scarves and my pea-coat and make an adventure of it. Not to mention I will have total anonymity, something so refreshing and very much welcomed. I can be whoever I want to be. Yes, Quebec is Canada and not anywhere near Europe but its roots remain deeply entrenched in France. So my European flair may just take over. Chi Chi.


What I am most looking forward to about our girls’ getaway is all of the patisseries I will get to behold. I think my eyes might just glaze over. I am a lover of  carbs and desserts and the thought of endless croissants and nutella banana crepes gets my mouth salivating.

Inspired by my upcoming trip, I decided to have a relaxing lunch at Rick Erwin’s Deli, a French deli and market located on Camperdown, with enough character to make you feel like you were actually in a French bakery. They also have the best macaroons I have ever tasted and my friend, Sarah, and I made a date to try as many flavors as we could. I don Rick Erwin’s Deli as one of the best lunch spots in Greenville and the pictures will most certainly confirm why.


Piece of advice- don’t go at noon because the place is packed with young professionals on their breaks. A late lunch may be more suitable to really sit back and take it all in.




Sarah was brave enough to try the “green olive” macaroon which doesn’t necessarily tickle my fancy but the amount of sugar in these babies makes the flavor subtle enough to enjoy, regardless of if it is savory or sweet. She also ordered the strawberry and chocolate macaroon while I opted for the pastel palate, choosing pistachio, rose, and lemon. Choices coincidentally indicative of our wardrobe colors…and our purse colors.


But as any good mother instructs, you must eat dinner before dessert. Sarah ordered a pastrami, bleu cheese something something on marble rye and I fixed my sights on a salad with bleu cheese, almonds, dried cranberries, and a healthy smattering of thick, creamy, balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, and a side of Gazpacho to round it out- make a balanced meal.




The croissants that they serve with most salads here are the flakiest, airiest I have ever tried. Let’s only hope that Quebec can top these.





Do yourself a f(l)avor and give this place a shot. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised with how sophisticated and urban our little Greenville can be.


Dry Bar Coming to Greenville…


Ummmmm so how titillated am I over the fact that Greenville is about to get a dry bar? Enough to take a picture of the “coming soon” sign, that’s how much!! For those out there who don’t know what a dry bar is….it’s a place for the ladies (and a select group of men who want to maintain those wavy locks) to get their hair styled without getting it cut.  No cutting and no dying. Only styling. So fancy. I am definitely going to be blogging about this as soon as it opens. Definitely. Definitely. Eeeek!