Little Known Obscurities #6


1. I use kids toothpaste. Currently wacky watermelon. I’m also adamant about brushing and flossing. There’s nothing worse than a popcorn kernel between the teeth.

2. I have restless leg syndrome. An odd disorder that is hard to define. I occasionally have to get up in the middle of the night to do a little jig.  Makes the tingle subside.

3. I prefer vanilla over chocolate. And in keeping with the sweets theme, when people ask me to describe my personality I say it’s  “funfetti,” filled with lots of tiny bright surprises.

4. I’ve had my heart broken once. And I promise myself it will never happen again. (I felt it necessary to include one sobering thought.)

5. Parallel parking happens to be my most distrusted enemy. I’d up and pay 5 dollars for a parking garage before I even attempt to parallel park. The one misfortune of living downtown.


Little Known Obscurities #5


1. I’ve been asked before if I’m albino………uhhhh. I can’t help I’m a fair-skinned blonde with Scandinavian ancestral ties.

2.  You know how there are crazy cat ladies? Well I’m a crazy dog lady. I watch YouTube videos of them for hours. Soldier reunited with dog and baby meets dog are my favorite genres. I also have a dog blanket, dog t-shirt, dog necklace, dog mug, dog calendar, dog picture frame, dog statue, dog stuffed animal, dog tote bag, dog book, pair of dog slippers, dog poster, dog hat, dog cardigan…..

3. I will be running my first full marathon in November. I’m hoping to make it to mile 20 before passing out.

4. I’m probably the only person in the world who picks the chocolate chips out of her chocolate chip cookies.

5. I have six piercings in one ear, two in the other, and one in my nose, much to the chagrin of my loving parents.

*** The nose ring was removed as this post went to print.

Little Known Obscurities #4


1. I have never ever had a cavity in my entire life. Considering the amount of sugar I consume daily, this is truly a miracle.

2. I was in the talent show every year in elementary school with my best friend, Kathryn. Our most memorable dance performance was a Grease rendition where I played Danny Zucko, complete with slicked hair and leather jacket.

3. When I can’t sleep at night, I watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live. Nothing to lull you to sleep better than Kristen Wiig impersonations.

4. My dad, the talented surgeon, sewed up my chin in our bathroom at home after I fell off a slide. My reward for enduring the pain was a Barbie with opposable limbs. It was the BIGGEST craze at the time.

5. My AIM screen-name used to be puppylovr53. And tickledpink274. Both still fitting to this day. My self awareness was manifest, even though my maturity wasn’t.

Little Known Obscurities (Again)


1. Patrick Swayze will always have my heart.

2. I really enjoy that freeze-dried astronaut ice cream that you purchase exclusively at the museum gift shop. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

3. I got my whole head braided in corn rows one summer. My white scalp did not take kindly to the glaring South Carolina sun. Worst sunburn of my life.

4. Occasionally people mistake my brother for my twin. Amusing and understandable. Occasionally people mistake my brother for my boyfriend. Awkward and revolting.

5. I have a list of baby names I like saved in my iphone. I feel sorry for the guy who ends up with me because apparently we’re having 23 kids.

(Bonus Tidbit!) My favorite word in the dictionary is “kismet.” I challenge you to use it in your next conversation…. What’s your favorite word???

More Little Known Obscurities.


1. I have barely there, acute scoliosis. I shamelessly manipulated people into giving up their seats for me, citing my medical condition. I have since reformed my crafty ways.

2. I traded Pokemon cards back in the day. I pocketed all those that were holographic. Too cool for school.

3. This may be well known. My dad is, and forever will be, the most amazing man in my life. Selfless, soft-spoken, and compassionate beyond belief.

4. I consider myself an Anglophile. I love British culture almost as much as I love Southern Culture. Wimbledon, Harrod’s, The Royal Family, Harry Potter….

5. The doctor never made it to my hasty birth. I was delivered by a nurse because he didn’t arrive in time. My parents contemplated calling me “Rocket.”