Girls’ Weekend: Lake Norris


For as long as I can remember, I have been a homebody. A homebody that likes the comfort of her own wire-framed bed, who watches her TiVo’d reality shows in her sweaty lululemon tanks regardless of the hour, and who prefers the water pressure of her own shower and the suds her chosen shampoo creates.

I was never a big supporter of the slumber party, opting out or suggesting my own home as the setting, and although I like traveling and visiting friends and places near and far, I never like to stay away for more than a few days. A solid, long weekend is all I need before I start pining for my own address and before I’m missing the security and coziness of my own digs. I’m not sure what it is. I try to seize the day but I seem to only be able to relax with my own coffee cup in hand. Thank goodness I was denied acceptance into the college of my dreams, because being 10 hours away from home would have caused more than a few mental breakdowns.


Thankfully I live in a city, a beautiful city no less, that is situated in close proximity to just about every place I want to be. Yes, I’d still have to fly (worst fear) to Napa to stomp grapes or to New York to visit my best friend, Jenny, but for the most part, Greenville is central to every destination I aspire to visit. Two hours from home, three hours from my brothers, two hours from Atlanta, and four hours from Lake Norris, the backdrop for my latest escapade- a girls’ weekend in Tennessee. Much gratitude to Greenville for allowing me to arrive in time and style. A big “Yes Sir!” to wearing yoga pants and XL sorority t-shirts all weekend with your girlfriends and not caring an ounce.


Lake Norris is located in La Follette, Tennessee, just North of Knoxville, and where six college buds and I decided it would be a picturesque place to have a reunion.  All it took was one zippy drive through the mountainous terrain of Asheville and a few wrong turns here and there to be back together again with a bouquet of girls that will always have my heart.

What a blessing it was that lovely, sweet Lauren, her sister, Molly, and their furry companion, Crosley, just happened to have a lake house on the water front, complete with a new boat and some serious monster tubes. What obliging hostesses we had.

lake 2

Liz, Claire, Jenny, Kristen, Lauren, Evalyn, Molly, me, and more specifically, Atlanta, Nashville, New York, Greensboro, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Greenville all rendezvoused here for a weekend filled with reminiscing of college days gone by, giggles, and mini cupcakes. It was a dream weekend, spending hours soaking up the sun, wading in the reflecting emerald water, and getting in to some pretty serious water sports. You know I love them water sports….We took a leap of faith {pun} and jumped off the infamous bridge which is probably the highest structure I have ever jumped off of. Frightening, most definitely, but doable with friends by your side who are just as crazy as you are. An adrenaline rush shared by those closest to you is probably the best kind of rush you can get.


lake 3

Here’s testimony of us being the daredevils that we are. We are the CrAzY KiDs!!! (Our Kesha theme song for the weekend.)

lake 1

And a snapshot of three little biddies, Claire, Evie, and Liz sporting the summer favorite PFG shirt.


And one more picture of my girls, Lauren and Jenny, rockin’ out on the water.

Not only was the weekend one that will swirl around in my brain for weeks to come because of the happiness that it elicited but one that reaffirmed my belief that life will turn out ok. There was one point when we were cruisin’ on the lake, late Saturday afternoon, after we had had our fill of girl talk and sheer jubilation out on the open water, when I just knew that whatever troubles this group of twenty three year old girls, scratch that, women, faced would come to pass.

I’m not being philosophical, only factual, in saying that we can overcome anything that is set before us. The strength of friendship and the support and spirit we have among each other, the boundless opportunity we have before us, and the refreshment of this weekend with the breeze in our hair left me feeling lighter than ever before. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!




I give the wondrous weather and scenery of the South some credit for this.

So while this post may not be specific to Greenville, it is dedicated to Greenville, a place where I met these amazing and silly ladies almost six years ago on that fateful day at Furman….


Don’t you love how many pictures in which the dog makes an appearance? Photo bombing at its doggone finest!!